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Developing our Community's Future with 
Tuition Assistance Scholarship!
Little Scholars Schools is committed to being the starting point of academic excellence and success for Little Rock children.  We seek to involve generous friends, organizations and businesses to help continue our scholarship program to help establish academic success in young minds.  The Tuition Assistance Scholarship is designed to:
  • Provide financial assistance in order to develop social skills and academic excellence
  • Encourage parents to start and advance their children's academic career on a solid foundation.
Of course, to help develop strong minds, We need you!  Please donate today!
Healthy Cooking & Eating for Kids
Your generous donation will benefit not only the current, but also future classes at Little Scholars Schools by providing experiential lessons in real life that they would not normally get. 
Giving students a plate of food meets their immediate need; teaching them to prepare nutritious food promotes healthy lifestyles by ingraining cooking and eating habits that will last a lifetime! 
LSS needs your help! Can our students depend on you?  Donate Today!

Help us raise funds for education by shopping online at your favorite brands!

Friends of the School (FOTS) is our version of the PTA. This is a platform by which LSS community of Friends, Student Families and Staff come together to grow our school. Click the Email to learn more.  SEE YOU AT THE NEXT MEETING! 

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