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Little Scholars Elementary



Our kindergartners are exceptionally well prepared to participate in daily reading, comprehension, and math classes. They quickly become excited about word decoding and soon are voracious readers grappling with new   concepts, they having discovered an exciting new world. 


Our teachers place much emphasis on reading and comprehension throughout the Kindergarten year; however, mathematics and science are definitely not neglected, nor are physical activity and socialization, an ongoing process.

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A short time ago, Little Scholars Schools (LSS) enrolled its school-age students in micro-classes (maximum size:10 students), the combination forming a micro-school which LSS is confident will provide its students a state-of-the-art 21st Century academic experience and more, for the learning model being employed was designed to "empower learners" via the full development of their critical thinking skills. 

The learning model has three modes, namely the Conquer Mode (Mastery of the basics are emphasized), the Collaborative Mode ("Empowered Learners" are taught in a structured environment to work with other and at a deep level), and the Creative Mode (Students work in small groups to complete challenging projects).  The results of this approach to learning are very impressive, but why does it work?

Several factors contribute substantially to the model being used. 

1.  Subject mastery is very important.

2.  Up-to-date technology with in-person human interaction in each class.

3.  Personalization - it accommodates a variety of learning styles.

4.  Project-Based - it motivates high-level thinking and achievement.

Our Primary Graders are provided an abundance of enrichment in all content areas including the arts, sciences, and mathematics.  Yet, a strong   emphasis on reading and comprehension is  maintained. 


Admittedly, the School’s academic expectations are high; however, students are not challenged to the point that having fun and  the joy of discovery are stifled.  After all, they are just embarking on an educational voyage that hopefully will last a       lifetime!

Much is expected academically from our Upper Grades students; yet, they often exceed expectations, having developed routines, learned to use time wisely, and become proficient at working semi-independently.  LSES also teaches its students to become upstanding pillars of the community as well as industrious self-sufficient citizens.


LSES is confident that is what you want for your child.

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